Health and Beauty - A Must Know Relation - Fiber For Your Health and Beauty

When you eat oatmeal each morning for breakfast, you should know that you are really putting forth the effort to keep yourself healthy and beautiful. If you would like to add even more health into your breakfast each morning, then you should add some ingredients into that oatmeal such as berries. The berries you add into your oatmeal could be fresh, but if you only have frozen berries, then that is fine. Oatmeal and berries are not only good to eat, but they are nutritious in a number of different ways. They are also great fiber sources that have some health benefits that are extremely important and this is now being recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration as well as the European Medicines Evaluation Authority and Health Canada.

Right now, if you look at the FDA, you will find that they are listing barley, whole oats and some seed husks as being an excellent sours of dietary fiber. They can help to reduce the risk of cancer. Fiber has been consumed as long as individuals have been eating plants and has recently been popping up in the health news a lot as it is very nutritious. However, with all of this in mind, it has been estimated that Americans and Canadians are consuming less than fifty percent of the daily fiber amount that is required in order to share the benefits.

Eating fiver through foods such as whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts has now been associated with reducing some of the prevalent diseases in the world such as the following:

- Obesity
- A number of different types of cancer
- Type 2 diabetes
- High cholesterol
- Cardiovascular disease
- A number of gastrointestinal disorders

Research has showed that by consuming the right amount of fiber you will be:

- Improving the absorption of magnesium, iron and calcium
- Stabilizing the blood glucose levels after consuming each meal
- Stimulating the immune system

There are many individuals that have recently turned to fiber in their diet simply because they have learn that it has a lot to do with health and beauty. If you truly care about your health and beauty, then you should look into adding some fiber into your diet. There are many recipes that you will be able to find on the Internet that are rich in fibers.