Natural Health and Beauty Tips: Using Organic Wax For Hair Removal

Some women need to shave frequently, and if you are among them, then using organic wax for hair removal is a sensible alternative. In fact, many women are turning to organic hair removal treatments because they are concerned that laser treatments or other forms of hair removal may be harmful to their skin. Shaving gels or creams often contain harsh ingredients that can cause redness or rashes on sensitive skin. Organic waxes are good for all women, particularly those who have sensitive skin, because these waxes do not contain preservatives or harmful chemicals.

The organic waxes used for hair removal are created from all-natural ingredients such as beeswax and honey. Moom, one of the most popular brands of organic wax, is made from cane sugar and tea tree oil. In addition to being hypoallergenic and water-soluble, these ingredients are not harsh on the skin and work well in removing body hair. The way organic waxes work is that they are applied to the skin with a flat plastic utensil. Then, the wax is covered with a thin strip of material that is very quickly removed. The reason that the material must be pulled off swiftly is so that it can remove both the hair and the root.

If you want to use an organic wax to remove hair at home, then you may wish to create your own using all-natural ingredients such as lemon, sugar, and honey. To ensure that your wax mixture is free of any harmful additives, the lemons and honey must be organic. To make the mixture, use 2 cups of sugar, 1/4 cup of water, and 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice. Put these ingredients in a pan, and heat the mixture on the stove until you see the sugar turn a light shade of brown. This is a great method to use when making organic wax, because you know exactly what ingredients are present.

Before you begin waxing, be sure that your skin is dry and free of any oil or lotion residue. Check to see that the temperature of the organic wax is not hot enough to burn your skin. It is also important to smear the wax on in the same direction that your hair grows, and when you remove the strip of material, do so against the way that your hair grows. After waxing, apply aloe vera gel to your newly bare skin so that it is smooth and moisturized. Aloe vera is also good for reducing any redness that results from waxing.